Smart Humidifier

Made by yifeih1

Found in Home Hack

Do you have any trouble with the indoor air humidity? The product I build will help you to detect the humidity level and notify you when you need to refill the humidifier.



To build a humidifier that can make people’s life easier by adopting remote control and connection with phone. User can customize the machine’s operation with smartphone.



In this assignment, I want to build a smart humidifier with sensor that can detect the humidity of the room and turn on and off automatically to keep the humidity level consistent. With sending message to the phone, the device can notify you if the water level is low in the machine so you can refill the water in time.



Particle Photon

LCD light

Humidity/temperature sensor module




The goal of this device is to detect the humidity level and using light to notify users when the level reach a certain number. When the level reach 30, the LED will light up; When it is lower than 30, the light will turn off.

First step

I connected the photon with a DHT22 humidity sensor.

Second step

Inserted a switch so I can turn on and off the sensor.