Baby Care

Made by Zhenyang Li

Found in DIoT 2018 1- Home Hack

Want to monitor your baby proactively by a quick and simple temperature/humidity monitor set in baby room? With the idea of IoT (internet of thing), I can help you to achieve that!

DloT_Temperature & Humanity Sensor
Zhenyang Li -

Problem Statement

We all experience the drive to sleep during the day, new born baby are no different.They have developed their own circadian rhythm. If we overlook their need to sleep during the times when their body temperature dips and metabolism production increases, we see babies who do not settle easily or sleep for long stretches. Thus, we want to ensure baby’s sleep environment is slightly cooler than room temperature. 



One of the great things about living in this era is that there is always technology for whichever challenge you’re facing. With the idea of IoT (internet of thing), we can monitor room temperature proactively and always make sure our baby feel the best. What's better, you can access real-time temperature/humidity data from a iOS and Android App anywhere, anytime. Great thing always starts from small. Let's give baby the best we can!  




1 x Particle Photon 

1 x DHT22 Temperature sensor 

1 x 1k resistor



Blynk platform



How Internet of thing works? 

In this project, IoT concept is realized through both hardware (Particle Photon) and software platform Blynk. If you haven't heard about Blynk, Blynk is a popular mobile app for the IoT, which compatible with ESP8266, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, SparkFun and many others. What's cool about Blynk is that it allows user to build graphic interface for project by simply dragging and dropping widgets. You may ask, how hardware provider  and software platform work together seamless? Simply put, Hardware provider (Particle in this case) will request token from the software platform for token services that user could be authenticated. Once user authentication complete, IoT hub (software platform) will provide services to the IoT device. 

What challenge I faced? 

In this project, adding libraries to the code is necessary. This is actually the challenge of my project, it keeps telling me there are some bugs I add the library. To add the library, you can go to Particle build,  click library and add the any library you want. 

Particle photon dht22 bb