The Smart Bed Light

Made by Ariel Yu, Hongxun Jin and xinyixu

Found in DIoT - Augmented Objects

A light that enhances the quality of your life.



During people's everyday living, light sources are one of the most important ambient attributes to a quality life. The brightness and color temperature of light sources can affect people's productivity, mood, and health. The Smart Light aims to help to provide an adequate light color temperature for users base on their context of usage. By detecting the user's digital device usage, The Smart Light could adjust the color temperature and brightness of the light source to provide the best energy for the user.


Inspiration and Context

Our inspiration came from how color temperatures of lighting influences people's energy and emotion status. 

Measuring in Kelvin, color temperature could enormously affect people's physical and mental well-being.

Higher color temperature (4600K or more) appears to be blue-white, called cool or daylight colors, and can improve alertness and productivity while lower melatonin to reduce fatigue. 

Mid-range color temperature (3100K - 4600K) appears cool white and is more welcoming than the high color temperature but still cool enough to promote a certain level of alertness. 

Lower color temperature (up to 3000K) appears ranging from red to yellowish-white in tone, known as warm colors, and creates a sense of comfort and relaxation without affecting the melatonin level that is associated with the sleeping quality of people. 

Also, we noticed that a lot of our surrounding friends have unsatisfactions with their apartment lightings. In order to solve the problem and, not just solving the problem, to go one step further, we were inspired to create an ambient smart light that can not only provide a satisfying brightness but also enhance the well-being of people.



Reaching out to someone who is not satisfied with his/her current lightings at home, we interviewed our proprietor for this project, an MBA student from Tepper Business School. He is busy during the daytime and usually gets home between evening and night. Usually, after getting home, he works on his laptop to finish his assignments, reports, and other tasks. Afterward, he enjoys his night relaxing by reading leisure books on Kindle after taking a refreshing hot shower. However, since he is currently living in a rental apartment, he is not satisfied with the current brightness of his apartment, especially the one in his bedroom, where he mostly stays for no matter doing work or relaxing. With only one light source on the ceiling, his room is quite dim at night.