Meditation Light Timer & Thermometer

Made by Kira Mulshine

Found in DIoT 2018 1- Home Hack

  • Meditation Timer & Thermometer Circuit

A meditation light timer and temperature sensor that is personalized to an individual's needs in her home.



I will create a meditation light that stays on for ten minutes (the amount of time that the person meditates daily). It will be activated by a button and also simultaneously measure the temperature during time of activation in the environment where she meditates. A buzzer will ring when the light turns off to signal to her when 10 minutes is up. She meditates next to her window, usually with the window open, so the temperature level will be collected in the particle cloud and she can refer to this data after she meditates to determine what she should wear that day.


Problem Statement 

I am designing a meditation light and thermometer for my Mother who meditates near a window daily, but sometimes skips this practice because it doesn’t fit naturally into her routine. The light blinks blue when a button is pressed to initiate the pre-set meditation (10 minutes). The light is white for the remaining time and then blinks blue when a buzzer goes off signaling the end of the meditation period. When the button is pressed the temperature is read by a DHT sensor-- that data is sent to the cloud to be read. My Mother benefits from this because she doesn’t need to set up a manual timer, since this is preset, she can keep it next to the window (always) and it will help her efficiently get ready for her day by telling her the temperature without her needing to look it up on another device. I chose this person because, though she doesn’t live near me and I live alone, we both do this and if I extend upon this project I could create a light/timer that also sends push notifications between us to tell each other when we are meditating so we could potentially “meditate together”.


My aim is to create a solution that makes meditating fit more seamlessly into my Mother’s daily routine so that she doesn’t skip this practice in the mornings and so that it actually makes her day more efficient than it would otherwise. 



Components Used:

- 1 Breadboard

- 1 Particle Photon

- 1 DHT22 Sensor

- 2 1k Ohm Resistors

- 1 10k Ohm Resistor

- 1 Piezo Buzzer

- 1 Push Button

- 1 Standard 2V White LED

- 1 Standard 2V Blue LED

- 11 Jumper Wires

Photos of Assembled Circuit (2)