Made by Anna Lawn

Found in DIoT 2018 1- Home Hack

Identify location of a misplaced object within a home.


Problem Statement:

My mother, living alone in Orlando FL, is constantly losing her phone. She sets it face down in a random and inconsistent locations within or in close proximity to her home (front porch, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, back yard, etc). I chose to tackle this problem because I know my mother will never see this issue as detrimental enough to justify fixing. However, I would like to save her time and trouble because she gave me life, and she deserves a little help once in a while.  



Create a phone case that lights up and makes sound when called to identify the phone's location.



  • Elecrit Microphone Amplifier (Sound Sensor) Part and Wiring:

Not included in our toolkits, but manageable to find. Three pins must be soldered into OUT, GND, and VCC. 

Wiring done before the part had been soldered.