An ecosystem of devices that brings one’s home life into their new life



Imagine that you could bring a part of your home with you. International students that study abroad often get homesick and want to be reminded of their home. Our bedroom IoT ecosystem will help remind people about their home through a sensorial experience by connecting it to the weather in their country. 

Sketch of Initial Concept


The goal of our ecosystem is to bridge the connection gap between a student's new place of residence and their homes, in essence we want to bring their home life into their new life. 


Team Roles:

  • Vision Lead - Xenia Kolesnikov
Ambient Light Team:
  • Developer - Benjamin Fisher
  • Designer - Hanyuan Zhang
  • Liaison -  Isabelle Mills-Tannenbaum
Smells Like Rain Team:
  • Developer - Mark Davidson
  • Designer - Janice Chen
  • Liaison - Logan Uretsky
Sound of Home Team:
  • Developer - Hua Fan 
  • Designer - Manchit Rajani  
  • Liaison - Violet Guo

Design Process:

Once our team agreed to focus our ecosystem on bringing a student's home life into their new life, we brainstormed different issues and ways to activate those home memories. 

We discussed the power of senses to recall memories. As a team, we decided to further explore our challenge by trying to recall memories of home through different senses. Our team decided to develop three different prototypes. One that reminds a student of their home through a visual cue. A second one that brings different sounds of their home country to their bedroom and a third object that dispenses different but familiar smells. All three connected devices are being triggered by the home country weather of the student.

Below are the initial sketches and concepts of each connected device.

Initial prototype for our visual cue connected device
Initial prototype for our connected device that leverages sound
Initial prototype for our connected device that leverages smell
Solution Prototypes and Viability of Solutions:

Below are high level descriptions of our prototypes as well as links to our final prototypes gallery pages.

Ambient Light Device:

Our ambient light can successfully connect to the weather of the user's hometown and display a weather icon to indicate how the weather is there